Exploring and Applying the Lord's Prayer
Lord, Teach Us To Pray

'Listen and read' podcasts and text of this potentially world-changing prayer and a chance to obtain the much fuller original book. Explore it in one sitting, a little a day, or discuss it in a group using the questions posed.

see the book
  Exploring the Lord's Prayer like a magnificent house

   Podcasts of each chapter are now available for download

Podcasts are now available on The Lord's Prayer website
Download the Audio Files Today!

Parva Press have not only re-launched this website with a new look and feel, but it has also added a new Podcasting service.

In preparing the podcasts we have revised the text in light of the constructive criticism received to date.

Each of the chapters in this insightful book 'Lord, Teach Us to Pray' are available for the first time in audio format. Sit back and listen to the author take you on a journey of discovery and exploration of the Lord's Prayer.
Visit the Podcast Download Centre

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