Exploring and Applying the Lord's Prayer
Lord, Teach Us To Pray

'Listen and read' podcasts and text of this potentially world-changing prayer and a chance to obtain the much fuller original book. Explore it in one sitting, a little a day, or discuss it in a group using the questions posed.

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  Exploring the Lord's Prayer like a magnificent house

Welcome to the Podcast Centre

For the first time, the author of 'Lord, Teach Us to Pray', the insightful book that is explored in detail throughout this website, has recorded an audio reading of each chapter of the book.

Now you have the choice of downloading the audio files and listening at your leisure, or using the audio files to read along with your own copy of the text.

Use the links below to download the audio file to your computer. Thank you for your visit.



Size: Run Time: Track Name:


6.48 MB 11 Minutes, 19 Secs Our Father in Heaven


8.83 MB 15 Minutes, 26 Secs Hallowed Be Your Name
mp3 8.00 MB 13 Minutes, 59 Secs Your Kingdom Come
mp3 7.55 MB 13 Minutes, 12 Secs Your Will Be Done Part 1
mp3 5.82 MB 10 Minutes, 11 Secs Your Will Be Done Part 2
mp3 9.48 MB 16 Minutes, 34 Secs As It Is In Heaven
mp3 7.66 MB 13 Minutes, 24 Secs Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
mp3 6.67 MB 11 Minutes, 39 Secs Forgive Us Our Trespasses Part 1
mp3 5.79 MB 10 Minutes, 08 Secs Forgive Us Our Trespasses Part 2
mp3 7.51 MB 13 Minutes, 08 Secs As We Forgive Those
mp3 9.45 MB 16 Minutes, 31 Secs Lead Us Not Into Temptation
mp3 8.53 MB 14 Minutes, 54 Secs Deliver Us From Evil Part 1


9.04 MB 15 Minutes, 48 Secs Deliver Us From Evil Part 2


8.60 MB 15 Minutes, 01 Secs The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory

Other Recordings by Parva Press: The Parables

mp3 5.68MB 18 Minutes, 18 Secs The Parable of the Persistent Widow