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Lord, Teach Us To Pray

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   William and Kate; the Royal Marriage and The Lord's Prayer

Following the pattern of the prayer our Lord taught us, we can pray for a particular person or situation using and applying each of the petitions in turn. The whole prayer can be focused and brought to bear, for example, on a particular meeting, or on a particular person in physical or spiritual need or on particular members of a family.

We wish them well and congratulate them on the birth of Princess Charlotte, so let us pray for the Lord God’s continued blessing on Prince William and Kate as they build their family.

‘Father we place into your hands William and Kate and their marriage.

Thank you that your holy name was held high, hallowed on their wedding day. Cause your name be honoured, too, in their relationship with one another as they continue to build their family home together.

May your kingdom come; may they, together, submit to your holy rule and live in a way that pleases you.

Cause your will be done in each decision of the months and years that lie ahead. May there be a touch of heaven about this marriage.

Give them day by day godly wisdom, peace and safety that they may live without anxiety before you.

Lord, have mercy on them and grant them each a forgiving spirit towards one another as they train up the young Prince George and adjust to the arrival of the new and demanding ‘game-changer’; Princess Charlotte.

Grant them grace to withstand the particular temptations that come with wealth and position, and from would-be suitors who would break the marriage.

Finally, Father, at work and in the family home we ask you to protect them from every kind of evil; evil from within and evil from without, and from every onslaught of the evil one.

Cause your holy name be held high in this marriage, Sovereign Lord, King of Kings.’


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